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Four-piece box of our NEW delicious Bourbon Belgian Chocolates.

Combining the best of two worlds, try our new favorite.  Fabulous Kentucky bourbon added to a already wonderful Belgian Chocolate.  If you love bourbon, and you love chocolate, you will love these!

Four piece Box of Bourbon Belgian Chocolates

  • Delicious Belgian chocolates made in Woodford County Kentucky.

    The milk and dark chocolates are filled with a delicious chocolate ganache filling infused with Kentucky bourbon.  A must for a chocolate lover who also appreciates Kentucky bourbon.

    The four-piece box measures 3.68" x 1.68" x 1.25"

    Net Weight 1.3 oz (34.0 g)

  • Our goal is to always satisfy our customers to the best of our abilities, delivering a high quality product.  We offer local delivery and use USPS for other shipments within the continental United States.

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