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From Belgium to Woodford County

While living in Belgium I learned the art of making Belgian chocolates.  I took a course in Herk-de-Stad, learning the old-world style of crafting chocolates by hand.  Being a chocolate lover, living in Belgium, surrounded by delicious chocolate, it just made perfect sense.

As a Kentuckian, I appreciate the love Kentuckians have for good food and drink.  My vision behind Heavenly Chocolates is to introduce them to hand crafted, delicious, fresh Belgian chocolates.

I look forward to crafting the perfect chocolate for you, your events, or even as a thoughtful gift.  Europeans often enjoy a delicious piece of chocolate with a good cup of coffee or a fine spirit.  A delicious piece of chocolate is a luxury treat.  Enjoy it with your favorite coffee or Kentucky bourbon, and I promise you will love it.


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